How to “Be Peace”

I’m late in wishing you a Merry Christmas. I haven’t wished you a Happy New Year. Why?

Because I haven’t had the words to say anything that you wouldn’t have already heard, until now. The well intentioned wishes for 2009 and the trite sweet messages just were not strong enough somehow.

I may be late but this is what I want to share with you now and I send it to you with deep appreciation for being here, I know you can make a difference, I know you know that too and I believe in your greatness.

“Merry Christmas -War Is Over” John Lennon tried to wake us up, so did Gandhi, so did the 12 year old you when you    svgdaily  started rebelling against those in power and so did the 16 year old reaching to express who you really were, who you still are.

This is the time. The “shift” is not coming, the “new age” is not on the horizon, It is here. The time is now, the sun has dawned on this new day and we are the ones with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

It is easy to be mistaken. It may be tempting give your power away without realising.

We can no longer wait for “father” to fix it, for the government to take action, for Barack Obama to rescue us, to expect “somebody to do something” for God to step in, and make it all OK.

The time is now, you have the power. It is you, I us, we , the people.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

It is time to stop looking outside of ourselves for solutions and blaming others for our problems. It is now time for each of us and for all of us in unison to sing the song of peace, of love and of courage.

The veil of illusion has lifted, and We Woke Up.

But in our misty eyed awakening the sense that we “don’t know how” almost convinces us we are still sleeping.

That is just not so. You are awake! You have it in you right now today, from the housewife to the school teacher to the executive to the student to Be the Change you want to see and express who you are with love and peace.

Marianne Williamson says in the sixties we had the message right… but where did it all go? What happened? How come it just …died? That hope, that liberation, where did it go? It literally died with the revolutionaries when they were shot down and fear of death stopped us fighting for freedom and shut us alll up. That fear stopped us singing the song of our souls. We were not grounded enough in our World to make the difference, we mixed the message of peace and love with drugs and physical love and somehow it all just fizzled out.

But now, things are different. We know we can’t wait anymore. That fear of death is secondary. that fear that we may die or get hurt or be rejected or considered mad has been usurped by a stronger fear, one even more disturbing- That we may die without ever having spoken our greatest truths, without ever having lived our real potential and been the greatest expression of who we could be.

The fear that we may one day look a granddaughter in th eye and sense that we could have done more to ensure her future was a peaceful, healthy and loving one in a safe environment. The fear that we let her down, that is the only fear worth taking heed of. Forget what people might be thinking or saying about you, let their judgement come, invite it, welcome it. You know you are making your music and living your art when you are subject to criticism. You must now be detached from that good or bad opinion of others and put your attention on a greater purpose, a greater meaning.

So make peace with your life, your partner, your self. Put a sign for peace up in your window. In the words of John Lennon- we must Sell Peace. We must think peace whilst we wash dishes, imagine peace whilst we sweep floors, breathe peace and drink peace. We must eat peace, work peace, love peace and make love for peace.

Forgive yourself, and those around you. Co-conceive Peace On Earth. Birth a new era for your granddaughter and her granddaughter. Let’s join together as the peaceful loving people who realise our power and make a difference.

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