Bible Claims a Conspiracy Buried the Real God in Lies

The conspiracy is noted in Ezekiel 22:25,26 which states that prophets, priests, and others have profaned the real God. It charges them with violating the laws laid down in the prophecies, with stealing the treasure and precious things, and putting no difference between the holy and profane. They have, according to this claim, made the unclean clean and acting like roaring lions ravening the prey. cansa

The New Testament dismisses all these things, it gives credit to everyone as being of God, it promotes heaven and hell, devils, demons, angels and saints, and it raises the Trinity in direct opposition to Isaiah 45:4-8 that states that God is one. That section of the Old Testament also claims that God alone creates the good and the evil and in Isaiah 51:6 states that the heavens shall vanish away like smoke whereas the salvation from God shall last forever.

These conflicts make the bible very hard for the majority to understand. It’s a case of which one is right. The New Testament was compiled by Jerome at the end of the 4th CAD and the book of Matthew, the first Gospel, reproduces the story of Chrishna (Krishna) and the Vedic Trinity. This avatar was raced off to Egypt when the cruel king Cansa threatened his life as a baby. He returned to India at age 12 and his first miracle was changing water to wine.

The text also states laws of the Catholic faith that were not known before Jerome introduced them. He borrowed them from the Imperial Roman Religion that was based on sun worship. He also took the instruments, order of mass, costumes, festivals and calendar from it to add credibility to the religion of Constantine that was set up in 325 AD and which introduced the conspiracy. Revelation 13:13-18 nominates him as 666 and posits that he invented Jesus Christ in continuation of previous ideals from the first beast.

Jeremiah 23:31,32 states that the prophets are lying as they were not sent by God. They cause the people to err by claiming they speak for the divine. Verses 21-24 is more specific. Here it states that God neither sent these prophets nor spoken to them. If it were different they would know how to turn people from their evil instead of leading them astray. It also notes that God is at hand and not far off in some remote place. No one can hide because the Spirit fills the heaven and earth.

The conspiracy against God is the thing that hides the Spirit and locked those seeking truth in a prison built from their own imagination. There is no heaven or hell, and the conspirators have taken control over the world but now they will be removed.



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