Make Money Fixing Damaged Doors

Owners or tenants pay you to replace damaged wooden doors, doorjambs, and locks. These items typically are damaged when an angry spouse or boyfriend, a burglar, or the beginner lockset police kick a door in. With the hard times we are having, people will be getting more frustrated and burglars will be getting bolder. Thus, the demand for this type of service should remain strong indefinitely. (This is article #1 in a series of emergency handyman services.)

Since this is an emergency service, you should be able to make money without much trouble. Use a simple classified advertisement in the local newspaper or on to get customers. Also, advertise in any property owner’s newsletter.

Preliminary job activities

After greeting the customer at the job site, you can inspect the damages to the door. Then you should confer with the customer about the options available. These options are whether to install a pre-hung door, repair or replace the existing door and/or doorjamb, and replace the locks.

The customer may be in a hurry and want you to work on a weekend or at night to get the door repaired or replaced. In addition, you may be asked to paint or stain the door, doorjamb, and door trim to make them attractive and weatherproof.

The price for your services should cover all materials and any other costs, such as dump fees. In addition, you need to make money sufficient to reward your effort and experience.

Main job activities

After determining what services and materials are needed, here is how to get the job done.

Installing a pre-hung door — A pre-hung door consists of a complete doorjamb and its attached door. This pre-hung door may also include a standard lockset and possibly a deadbolt lock. (On the other hand, it only may have the holes cut out for these locks.) It also may include a threshold and door sweep.

Before purchasing a pre-hung door, remove the trim around the existing doorjamb. Then you can verify that the doorframe opening is properly aligned vertically and horizontally, and has sufficient clearance.


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