Avoid prolonged exposure

Avoid prolonged exposure to sunshine and harsh weather conditions

Believe it or not, human hair wigs should be treated exactly like your skin. This means that BOB SUNKISS HIGHLIGHT WIG you should avoid exposing your wig to long bouts of hot sunshine as the hair quality can deteriorate and colour can fade. Similarly, your wig should not be exposed over a long period to heavy rain or harsh winds. Always wear a head cover in extreme weather conditions – again, preferably made from natural material like 100% cotton or silk to best protect the hair.

Your hair is important so it’s absolutely vital to follow manufacturer guidelines and care instructions to get the best out of the wig. But, according to some ladies wig providers, there are also additional, often unspoken, wig care tips that you can follow. There are distinct instructions for acrylic and real hair wigs and the advice below will help your wig last longer, giving you more value for money.

Let’s start with ready-to-wear synthetic ladies wigs. Firstly, it is advisable to treat synthetic hair as you would your own skin. Avoid exposing your wig to dry heat e.g. for instance, wear a sun hat on holiday or a head scarf if the weather is windy. Secondly, synthetic hair tends to fray when it rubs against harsh fabrics – so try and wear clothes with natural fibres e.g. silk or cotton, if you have long hair. Wear a silk scarf to protect your hair if you wear your hood up regularly.

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