How to Get Credit Score at Credit Karma

Many credit score-providing companies advertise that they offer free reports. But later on, when people sign up for the “free” service, they soon find out that either there are hidden fees or that it really is a paid subscription which charges your credit card automatically if you failed to discontinue the service within the 30-day trial period.

But not all companies on the internet deceive people into shady activities like this. One company, Credit Karma, allows people to get credit score as often as they want without anything to pay for. As stated in their website, Credit Karma provides information to consumers for free because they are subsidizing their expenses by selling website advertisements. All you have to do is sign up for an account in their website. They promise not to charge anything from their clients and testimonials from happy and content clients are overflowing in their webpage.

Manage your financial health by checking your credit score at a regular basis. As we all know, scores are very fluid representations of our credit report. It can change in a month’s time or a week. At very special circumstances, it may even change within 24 hours. Credit Karma also commits to keeping your personal information safe. They do not disseminate personal information to any of their partners and your social security number is given the utmost protection it deserves. Once your credit information is pulled out the first time, your SSN is no longer stored in their database.

Another matter of concern of people when they get credit score from Credit Karma is that many people find their scores a bit different from other services. There are various reasons for these differences. One is the fluidity of the credit score which may change from day to day (if you had a crucial financial move within a day). Another reason is because the three credit bureaus store different information about you (If you are from Atlanta then Equifax which is located in the same state will be able to keep track of your financial moves comprehensively compared to Experian or TransUnion) and thus give you different scores each.

Disclaimer: It must be know to people that despite Credit Karma providing free credit scores, it is based on their own algorithm. FICO algorithms are locked-up secrets and your FICO-based can only be accessed by institutions using the FICO such as banks. Personally checking it would mean you have to pay for it.

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