Donate Life – Transplant and You

Thinking you can’t be alive to donate – this is false. Both my mother and my sister were living donors. They both are healthy living normal, functioning lives. They are both living successfully donate a kidney on one kidney. You can be alive a donate a portion of your liver, lung, pancreas, intestine, and yes, even a whole kidney. How do you see yourself living as a donor?

Thinking people have families, so, you aren’t needed – let me tell you, currently there are over 110,000 patients waiting for a transplant. There are over 1,700 children waiting. I’m more than positive that if they could get a transplant from a family member they certainly would. But unfortunately, for what ever reason, most aren’t that blessed. So yes, you are needed. Imagine someone getting the call “we’ve found a donor for you”, what do you imagine that recipient would be able to do because you stepped up?
If you have any questions, I’m sure a near-by hospital would be happy to speak with you. You can also search different organizations dedicated to organ donation. There’s a wealth of information out there, make sure you get it from reputable sources. Get educated, that’s the best way to make a sound decision.

Overall, please, make the decision that’s best for you. But, don’t let the “what if’s” and “I can’t help” stand in the way. A life depends on it!

Deidra C. Hall is a two time kidney transplant patient and Certified Christian Life Coach. She is the owner of Champion’s Coaching where she specializes in Medical Compliance Coaching, Communication Workshops, and Spiritual Growth Coaching.
Our body is made up of many organs that perform very specific functions. These organs are systems of cells and tissues that are assigned specific tasks like respiration, digestion etc. The capacity of these organs to perform the given tasks diminished with age.

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