Antispyware Soft Removal

Antispyware Soft is one of the many “rogue antivirus” programs that are floating around the Internet. These programs are nothing more than viruses pretending to be “official” antivirus tools, designed to con you into purchasing the upgraded version of the tool.

To remove this software from your PC, you need to do more than just remove the various parts of the program that it needs to run. Although it does come with an uninstall feature, using this will only remove the GUI (graphical user interface) and other “front-end” components of the virus. Trying to “uninstall” this software will not work – as it will just leave all the malicious code behind.

The way to remove this infection from your PC is to use a special “malware” (malicious ware) removal program, which has been designed to remove all infected parts of the Antispyware Soft application. Think of this virus as like kmspicosoft a weed – you need a tool that will kill the roots as well as the leaves. Uninstalling the program will just remove the flower-head and some of the leaves, so it’s important that you’re able to get a reliable and effective tool to remove this infection.

If you leave any part of this software on your PC, it will “spy” on your activities and note down all of your personal details. These will then be logged by the hackers who created the tool and then sold around the under-ground World from which it came. Many people report getting the Antispyware Soft infection, only to have their credit cards maxed out within a few weeks of “removing” the virus. Unfortunately, they didn’t realize that they had not properly removed the virus, and it had been harvesting their personal data on their system.

If you do want to remove this manually, you need to look for the following files & settings on your PC:

A random.EXE file that will be stored somewhere in your C drive
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AvScan (registry entry)
However, with this infection in particular, you’ll want to make sure that it’s nipped in the bud before any further damage can be done to your system. To do this, we recommend you use a “spyware removal tool”, which can be downloaded from a number of websites. If you can get a good spyware removal program, it will scan through your system, identify all the parts of the Antispyware Soft virus, and then remove them all for you.

You can remove Antispyware Soft /antispyware-soft-removal-how-to-remove-antispyware-soft/] by using a ‘spyware removal tool’. You can Click Here-removal-how-to-remove-antispyware-soft/] to remove Antispyware Soft from your PC.


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