Using Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing

Traditional internet marketing is done through article marketing and link building, but with the advent of social media, many of the classic norms of internet marketing are shattering. Social media has the potential to drastically change much of how the system of online marketing functions, since it has the potential to act as a tremendous force in influencing the results of search engine inquiries. One such website that is already being harnessed by affiliate marketers is the ever-popular social media site, Pinterest.

At its core, Pinterest is a photo-sharing website, which may sound as if its potential for marketing is somewhat limited. With a massive user base and an explosive history of growth, however, the viral nature of Pinterest means that there is an incredible amount of marketing potential that Pinned SEO Suite is looking to take advantage of. In fact, the latest reports from analytical firms on the internet are reporting that users spend more time on the social media website Pinterest than they do on any other social media platform besides for Facebook and Tumblr. It continues to חברה לקידום אתרים increase its popularity, especially in the United States and particularly among women.

It has expanded its mobile app impressively, and was even the recipient at the 2012 Webby Awards of the best social media app. All of this combines into an incredible force of internet traffic that can be used to influence search engine results due to the dofollow nature of many the backlinks on Pinterest.

The real question is, how can internet marketers best take advantage of this hub of internet traffic? It is already well-known that there are scams offering paid-surveys on Pinterest which turn out to be nothing more than phishing attempts at unsuspecting users. Many times in this scam you will see a picture of a legitimate corporation and be promised a gift certificate-in reality, the company presented has absolutely nothing to do with the so-called paid survey.

Pinned SEO Suite claims to have pioneered a method of using the massive traffic of Pinterest to improve search engine results, even for highly competitive keywords. This is a fascinating phenomenon, because we affiliate marketers have long watched on the sidelines as search engines figured out how they would rank “shares” and “likes” on social media sites when it comes to search engine rankings.

As one interested in search engine optimization, I think the promise of products such as Pinned SEO Suite may be overstated, but they are nonetheless extremely significant in being a step in the history of social media. There is no telling how momentous an occasion this will be in the long run, but as an affiliate marketer I am definitely interested in the pursuit of using a social media site like Pinterest to affect search engine rankings. For this alone, Pinned SEO Suite deserves credit for spearheading this movement among internet marketers. For all we know, this employment of social media is the future of search engine optimization.

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