Cloud game launches today on all Xbox consoles

Xbox Cloud leaves its closed beta phase, and is now available to all Xbox console users, who join mobile and PC users with 0x0 0x0 windows error code.

They say that the future of videogames is in the cloud , although they also said that television would kill radio, that DVD would kill cinema, that ebooks would kill books, and none of that has happened.

We do not know if the cloud gaming consoles replace physical altogether , but it can be a valuable addition, as evidenced by the release of Xbox consoles Cloud Xbox One, Xbox and Xbox Series S Series X ( Analysis ). It was already available on PC and mobiles .

Xbox Cloud allows you to play about 100 games without having to download and install them . But you must sign up for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription ,Therefore it is not available with all the games in the Xbox catalog, only with about 100 titles , and there are not all the most important ones patterjack.

Another difference is that cloud games work at 1080p and 60 fps , while if you install them in local mode you can play 4K in the games that allow it.

The most benefited are Xbox One users , because they can play some titles in the cloud that are from Xbox Series X and are not on their console, such as Recompile, The Medium, and The Riftbreaker.

And what advantages does it bring in Xbox Series X , if the subscription gives you the right to download those 100 games and play them locally, without latency and at 4K resolution?

It basically allows you to test the games in the cloud to see if you like them, and then download them . Or save disk space and play them without installing them.


You can also invite a friend to play an online game and play instantly , even if they don’t have it installed.


Considering that it is a free add-on that does not increase the price of the subscription , Xbox players will surely appreciate the games in the cloud.


It serves as a valuable testing ground for Microsoft to test its new cloud platform and assess whether it will one day replace physical Xbox consoles …

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