Fun Language Games for Children

Teaching English or any other foreign language to young children should be fun and enjoyable experience, both for children and for teacher. Best way is to do it through games, songs and stories.

Here I am going to share my pupil’s favorite games. Many of them I have gathered from different sources, some I made up my self or slightly modified old ones.
The younger your pupils are you should use more TPR (total physical response) because young children need to move in order to feel happy and interested into topic you are teaching them.

Therefore I have invented game that includes itpress movement and gave it an interesting name: Rainbow bridge. Objective of this game is to teach and practice 10 basic colors that I am teaching my pupils from the first level on. With very young children who just started learning foreign language you can start with their mother tongue and gradually include more and more foreign language.

You will need colored papers in colors: white, black, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, green and brown. Cut out several pieces of each color, shaping them as you like into circles, triangles, squares or free forms. Put them in random order on the floor forming a path. Tell children that this is a rainbow bridge and that they should pass from one side from another without making a mistake. If they make a mistake make a funny splash noise and tell them they have just had a bath in the river. They should walk in natural manner, one step, than the other. Pupils go one by one and you are telling them which color should they step on to. Just be careful that surface you put your pieces of paper on is not slippery. Children just adore this game and very soon they will learn all 10 colors because they will be motivated to pass from one side of the bridge to another.

Next interesting game doesn’t include TPR, but you can compensate afterward by dancing on their favorite song. It is called Flashcards bit-by-bit. Let’s say that you have a set of animal flashcards and your objective is to practice pronunciation of animals they already know. Divide children into several groups and show first group animal flashcard covered with paper that has several holes cut out. They have 3 guesses, if they are successful give them one point on the board, if not, it is next group’s turn. Group with most guesses is the winner.

Those two games will make your classes fun and interesting and children will be highly motivated to learn new words.

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